Ryan Ang

    Actor/Performer (Wild Rice's The Amazing Celestial Race, Momotaro & the Magnificent Peach)


    Natalie is an enthusiastic teacher who not only has a great passion for teaching but also strives to provide guidance tailored to the individual students' needs. She was also able to communicate clearly the different steps and tools I needed to unlock my singing potential and gain greater control whilst having the freedom to explore other parts of my voice. I can't wait to see how much more I can grow under her teachings to become a more expressive musical theatre performer! 10/10 would recommend.

    Bharath & Jabeen - Parents to Roshan

    B-Dazzled! 2020 Diamond Prize Winnner


    Natalie has been fantastic for our son Roshan. She has not only been a voice coach but also a guide, a bouncing board, all in one. She has been instrumental in our son opening up and becoming more expressive in singing. She has helped him explore tonal levels that were hidden in him :-) She always goes over and above when helping Roshan get ready for any competitions. We are happy and feel blessed to have found Natalie as the voice coach for our son. To all people reading this, we would strongly commend and recommend Natalie for her all round skills to develop her student’s abilities.

    Annika Mock


    Natalie has the rare ability to offer focused feedback and instruction while creating a joyful and gentle learning environment. She quickly understood my vocal history and tailored a systematic approach to level-up my singing abilities. Lessons often feel like an exciting journey where Natalie gives cues and precise adjustments to bring me closer to where I’m supposed to go. She’s also given me personalised exercises and tips, which have helped to extend my range and improve vocal stability. As a professional vocalist and performer herself, Natalie often shares generous insights and practical advice for navigating the arts industry.