• About Natalie

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    Natalie is an actress, singer and singing teacher based in Singapore. Her journey includes earning a Distinction in Musical Theatre from the Royal Academy of Music in London.


    Since 2015, Natalie's performances have graced stages internationally. Whether as a soloist or part of ensembles, from London's Prince Edward Theatre to Singapore's Drama Center Theatre, she's brought her artistry to over 15 productions. Recently, she starred as Hermia in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (SRT).


    Natalie isn't just a performer; she's a driving force for positive change. Co-founding the Musical Theatre Collective, Fill the Vamp in 2020, she injects joy and innovation into the industry. Initiatives like the online game "House Is Open" reflect her commitment to celebrating Singapore's Musical Theatre scene.


    Taking her commitment further, Natalie co-founded the queer performing arts collective, We're Oquay. Their mission is clear: to provide a vibrant platform for diverse talents, foster community, and champion understanding through the transformative power of theatre and art. Natalie's warmth and serious commitment shine both on and off-stage.

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    Welcome to Natalie Yeap Vocal Studio, where passion meets professionalism in the heart of Central Singapore. Enter the world of musical theatre under Natalie's expert guidance, as she combines her extensive experience as both a singing teacher and performer to offer you an unparalleled journey of vocal discovery.


    Since 2016, Natalie has dedicated herself to nurturing voices, culminating in the establishment of her studio in 2024. With a focus on musical theatre, Natalie specializes in providing comprehensive vocal training, repertoire development, and acting through song. Her approach is characterized by warmth and empowerment, recognizing that your voice is not merely about hitting notes, but about authentically expressing yourself while maintaining vocal health and strength.


    Drawing from her own background as a singer and actor, Natalie views singing as a harmonious blend of science, technique, and musicality. She guides her students through the intricate balance of emotion, musical expression, and technical proficiency, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational experience.


    At Natalie Yeap Vocal Studio, your journey is uniquely tailored to help you shine in the spotlight of your vocal education. If you're ready to embark on a path of warm, supportive, and skillful singing, Natalie is here to help unlock your musical potential!